Table below shows that the Municipal Government of Pinamalayan has a total workforce of 392 employees broken down to 173 regular employees and 209 job orders. Of the 173 regular personnel, about 83% of these hold permanent position, 9 are temporary, 11 are elective officials, 9 are co-terminus with the Mayor and Vice Mayor. As to eligibility status excluding the job orders, 104 has First Level Eligibility and 690 has Second Level Eligibility. The Municipal Treasurer’s Office and Municipal Health Office has the most number of regular employees with 21 trailed by the Mayor’s Office and Municipal Engineering Office with 18 regular employees, respectively Municipal Mayor’s Office has the biggest personnel complement of job orders with 65 followed by Municipal Vice Mayor’s Office and Market Supervisor’s Office with 41 and 21 job orders, correspondingly. According to the data from the Human Resource Management Office, there are still 8 vacant positions to be filled up.